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Life insurance you don't have to die for.

Affordable cover that also pays out BEFORE you die.

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1: How the Bucket List Plan works.

It's simple.

The plan is the same as a traditional life insurance policy that pays if you die but also pays out the full amount to you if you get diagnosed with a terminal illness. The Bucket List Plan also offers a lump sum option should you suffer a critical illness. 

So, you get the money while still alive to use towards your bucket list dreams or to use in any way you wish.

2Why it is called the Bucket List Plan.

Because if you get a terminal illness (or critical illness if you opted for it*) then you will receive a cash payout that can be used in whatever way you wish including sharing it with family, paying for care, giving to a good cause or just doing all the things you ever wanted to do...

And, you can use our Concierge to arrange it all for you.

According to Marie Curie, 571,700 people died in 2014 and most of them would have been living with a terminal illness.

* Marie Curie – Changing the conversation. April 2015.
Latest figures show 616,014 people dying in 2018 and increasing annually.

3: Summary of the features:

A choice of three plans with payouts of £100,000, £175,000 or £250,000 should you suffer a terminal illness or die.

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Optional critical Illness cover if you get diagnosed with cancer or any of 31 other conditions.

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Use the terminal illness or critical illness payout to fund your bucket list dreams or in any way you wish.

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Bucket List concierge service to assist you in planning and organising your wishes and adventures.

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Backed by the financial strength of iptiQ by Swiss Re.

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Guaranteed fixed monthly payments and you can cancel anytime.

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Affordable cover.  Join instantly - just 5 simple questions!

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The Bucket List Plan and life insurance

Life insurance, in its simplest terms, pays out a lump sum when the person insured dies. This is paid to a beneficiary, usually one of your family or friends. Term life insurance is a type of life insurance which provides cover for a set period of time. You choose the amount of time you want cover for and if you pass away during the length of the policy, your beneficiary will receive a lump sum. The term (or length of time) you’d like to cover could be until your mortgage is paid off or until your children have finished education or left home.

With the Bucket List Plan, the term life insurance also includes Terminal Illness benefit which pays out should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

How much is the payout? 

The payout amount depends on your own personal circumstance, as such you have a choice of three payout amounts of £100,000, £175,000 or £250,000

    How long do you need cover for?

    Depending upon your age you have the option to select a term of 10 years, 20 years or to age 65. Again, the term you choose will depend on your personal circumstance.  

    Critical illness cover

    Critical illnesses have the potential to turn your life upside down unexpectedly. We all hope it won’t happen to us, but what would happen to your family’s finances if you became seriously unwell? You bucket list plan may lie in tatters and of course, it’s important to consider if your loved ones would be able to pay the mortgage, rent or other household bills- if they couldn’t, critical illness cover could be for you.

    How much cover do you need?

    It’s important to balance the cover you can afford with what would be needed if you were to fall ill. To help you begin to work out the amount you may need, you could consider:

    The amount needed to cover your bucket list aspirations and wishes and any financial commitments such as a mortgage or loan.

    The amount needed to cover monthly costs like bills, food and childcare if you couldn’t work.

    What's covered with Critical illness cover?

    The Bucket List Plan critical illness cover helps protect you and your family financially if you are diagnosed with one of over 30 conditions we cover and are eligible to claim during the length of your policy. The conditions covered include:

      > Cancer – excluding less advanced cases

      > Heart attack – of specified severity

      > Dementia including Alzheimer's Disease - resulting in
          permanent symptoms

      > Stroke – resulting in permanent symptoms

      > Traumatic brain injury – resulting in permanent symptoms

    Critical Illness cover provides additional payments for low-grade prostate cancer and carcinoma in situ of the breast. This will pay out the lower 25% of the Critical Illness cover amount or £25,000. For full details on what is and isn’t covered, please read our Key features and Policy terms and conditions documents.

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