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A life insurance plan that pays while you are still alive.

Now, there is a new and innovative plan that, should you suffer a serious illness, injury or a terminal condition, will provide you with the cash for the trip of a lifetime or for any other purpose such as care, family or charity.

The Bucket List Plan pay outs for
death or terminal illness.

According to Marie Curie, 571,700 people died in 2014 and most of them would have been living with a terminal illness.

Marie Curie – Changing the conversation. April 2015.

Latest figures show 616,014 people dying in 2018 and increasing annually.

The Bucket List Plan pays out for
serious illness or injury.

There are over 11 million people with a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability

The majority of disabled people acquire their disability later in life.

Utilising the financial strength of IOMA

The Bucket List Plan is insured by IOMA, a leading life and general underwriter

The IOMA group of companies (IOMA Group) is a specialist provider of bespoke insurance and wealth management solutions solving the most difficult and complex of problems for its UK and international customer base of insurance practitioners, independent financial advisers, wealth managers and private banks.


What does the plan do?

The Needs and Demands Statement sums up the purpose of the Bucket List Plan:

The Bucket List Plan is designed to meet the needs and demands of those who wish to receive a cash lump sum that can be used to fund their bucket list aspirations or for any other purpose should they be diagnosed with a terminal illness or suffer a total and permanent disability. The plan also provides a lump sum cash benefit in the event of their death.

What are the insurable events that trigger the plan benefits?

The plan is triggered by any one of these three insurable events:

1. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness up to 1 year prior to death.

2. If you suffer a serious illness or injury (total and permanent disablement) whereby the condition prevents you from working in a suited occupation if you are employed or from performing specific work tasks if you work part-time (less than 16 hours), are a homeworker or retired or not employed.

3.If you die.

You can read more details about the insurable events in the Bucket List Plan Policy Document

If I choose to use the concierge what bucket list adventures can I take?

It really is up to you. Many people already have a list of dreams, ambitions and activities that they would like to realise. If you don't have a bucket list then start today! Even if you never claim on the plan, it good to have goals.

However, you can choose to do whatever the generous plan funding will cover... A trip around the world, afternoon tea at the Ritz, a cruise around the Caribbean, visiting relatives abroad, seeing the pyramids, taking a road trip down Route 66, bungee jumping in New Zealand... In fact, whatever you want (as long as it's legal, moral and ethical!). Should the time come, then the concierge can help you choose. 

Also, there's lots of websites with literally thousands of bucket list ideas. Just google 'bucket list ideas' or read our free guide 'How To Create Your Own Bucket List' - you can download it by clicking here: Get Bucket List Guide

NOTE that any balance in the total available funds after the completion of your bucket list will be transferred to you.

How much does the plan cost?

The plan premium rates are based on your age and whether or not you smoke. Unlike standard life insurance, the Bucket List Plan also provides terminal illness and serious illness and injury (total and permanent disablement) cover. 

The fastest, easiest and simplest way to find out the cost for your bucket list plan is to put your details into the online quote system. Click here to check now.

How long does the plan run for?

Your plan will run  for 5 years which means that your monthly cost will stay the same for the 5 year duration. Of course, you can cancel at any time.

At the end of your selected term you may be offered the chance to renew the policy but the terms and conditions of the policy may be different (dependent upon your health at that time).

What is not covered by the plan?

In common with other insurers high-risk occupations are excluded from the Bucket List Plan including working in the oil and gas industry, mining, diving, fishing (on a trawler), working outside at heights, working with explosives and certain armed forces occupations. 

Certain hazardous pursuits such as parachuting, potholing, motor racing, extreme sports and others are excluded from the payment of benefits for serious injury or illness.

Also, self-inflicted injury, drug abuse and Corona virus in the 180 days are not covered.

You can see a more complete list in the policy summary.

What happens if I claim and then live beyond expectation or recover?

In the event you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and survive longer than the 12 month period, or if you suffer total and permanent disablement and make a recovery, then on the basis that no fraud was involved there is no requirement to repay the money.

How do I make a complaint?

We understand that sometimes things can go wrong. You are important to Us, so if You have reason to complain We want to know. We will try to resolve Your complaint quickly in a professional and helpful way. 

How to contact us 

You can contact either your representative (whose details are in the Policy Schedule) or Us by letter, phone or email using the contact details set out above.

You can read the full complaints procedure in the policy summary

How do I claim?

Should you need to claim simply call or email our claims and concierge service on the telephone number and email address contained within your policy documentation.

Can I cancel the plan?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Simply login using the credentials provided in your welcome email and follow the instructions to cancel. Or, write or email our policy team at the address or email contained in your policy documentation.

Policy Documents

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