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Life insurance you don't have to die for.

Affordable life cover that also pays out before you die or if you can't work anymore.


 1How does it work?

It's simple.

The plan is the same as a traditional life insurance policy that pays if you die BUT has additional benefits that pay out the full amount to you if you get diagnosed with a terminal illness or EVEN if you can't work anymore because of an illness or injury.

So, you get the money while still alive to use in any way you wish.

 2Why is it called the Bucket List Plan?

Because if you get a serious condition* then the cash is paid to you to do what you like including sharing it with family, paying for care, giving to a good cause or just doing all the things you ever wanted to do - and our concierge to arrange it all for you.

* What is a 'serious condition'?

The plan pays out if you die or if you don't die but have a terminal illness or you can't work anymore because you suffer a debilitating illness or injury.

 3: What are the main features?

Here's a quick summary...

A choice of two plans with payouts of £100,000 and £150,000.

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Pays out for a serious condition or if you die.

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For a serious condition you can take the money or our concierge will arrange your bucket list trips and adventures. 

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Backed by the financial strength of Isle of Man Assurance Limited (IOMA).

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Monthly payments fixed for 5 years (you can cancel anytime).

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Simple, affordable and you can instantly join online.

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And, your first month is FREE!

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Why buy
'ordinary' life insurance
when you can have
the Bucket List Plan?

 4: What would you like to do next?

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